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Pawan walkout from Katamarayudu


Pawan Kalyan is reportedly upset and has staged walk out abruptly from the sets of his ongoing film Katamarayudu. Buzz is that Pawan Kalyan got angry when he wasn’t provided his dialogues in advance. He walked midway from the shooting on Monday, divulged sources in the shooting unit.

“Pawan wasn’t given his version of dialogues a day advance. After learning there were several dialogues of him to memorize and mouth them, Pawan felt it’d be waste of time on the set and no point in also keep others waiting till he memroise his dialogues. So, he walked out of the sets,” said a reliable source on condition of anonymity.

As Pawan left, director Dolly had to can few scenes involving other actors that are available on the set on Monday. This is not all. Many including director Dolly and producer, Pawan’s confidante Sharrath Marar thought Pawan left in spur of the moment and he’d be back to shoot the next day (Tuesday) as usual. But it isn’t the case. Pawan chose to skip the film’s shoot even on Tuesday signalling that Pawan took the matter seriously. Apparently, both Dolly and Sharrath have persuaded Pawan and explained where it went wrong. Convinced with their explanation, Pawan is expected to join the shoot from Wednesday. This has brought huge sigh of relief to both director, producer.

Pawan had earlier worked with Dolly for Gopala Gopala and publicly stated that he was impressed with him and even promised him to work again. With SJ Suryah out of Katamarayudu, Pawan asked Dolly to take over the project and helm it. Since Dolly is soft-spoken and non-controversial, many thought that it’d be smooth sailing for Pawan-Dolly. But little did they know that Pawan would lose his cool and walk out of sets. Now that the issue has been resolved, hope Pawan and Dolly would wipe out such small incidents and move forward like before.

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