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What would life be like without entertainment? Could you manage without watching TV after a long day at the office? Without clearing your mind reading a good magazine, meeting your friends to see the Monday night cricket match together, going to the movies for a double header once in a while, or even reading your favorite celebrity upcoming projects.  We all need our daily dose of entertainment so that our life will not be so boring!

So our Kachodi is decide to entertaine you with all the interesting updated news  regarding to movies not only movies there are lot more FUNNY  VIDEOS for Romeos we have love stories for who want to finish there novel with in 5 min we are providing short stories in “STORIES” . Who are interested to pen down to share your stories we are providing freedom to share your stories on our site with”SUBMIT YOUR STORY”.  And for food lovers we are providing  the detail information regarding to food where you can find some finger licking food in “FOODIES”

The internet is full of entertainment sites BUT OUR KACHODI far better than any other site..ENTERTAINMENT PAKKA .


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