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Alia Bhatt Cute Stills From CineBlitz Magazine

Alia Bhat

                                                           Alia Bhatt Cute Stills From CineBlitz Magazine

Alia Bhat Alia_Bhatt_Cute_Stills_From_CineBlitz_Magazine_2 Alia_Bhatt_Cute_Stills_From_CineBlitz_Magazine_3 Alia_Bhatt_Cute_Stills_From_CineBlitz_Magazine_4

“I don’t think about glamorous or non glamorous,all i think about is the character..”

Alia Bhat says “Sometimes criticism is very good.once somebody criticized my dance and said. I needed to improve my dancing skills,in terms of clean sreps and fitness of my dance moves. I took that very seriously,worked on it,and i did get better with it. So I think sometimes,criticism is very helpful.”

Q :You are also going to share screen space with  Shah Rukh khan,which is the dream of every young actress,how did you feel about working with him?

Alia Bhat: It is absolutely fantastic,he is one of the most giving,present and alive actors that i have worked with he always wants to work more and push harder;he is a great energy to have on would imagine that because he is Shah Rukh khan,he would probably have attitude.But he knows what he is doing and he doesn’t give you attitude.He wants to do everything better.but he will listen to your suggestions as well.I don’t mean my suggestions,he’ll listen to it,he won’t disregard it,He is still like a fresh new,amateur aid,very aspiring and very inspiring.

Q :Were you intimidated by him when you first met him on that sets?

Alia Bhat: I would not say intimidated because he make you feel very comfortable.Of course,I was nervous,because it is very big deal for me. I have frown up watching his films and watching him being the biggest superstar that he is. WE have a lot of dialogues and scenes and it has a lot of f play-acting.So we have to really feed off each other’s energy in the scenes,because of which I had to be very much on my toes and aware of what I was saying and i was nervous for this first two.But after that, I was fine.

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