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Unexpected journey————————A beautifull memory

Bus love journey


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            Unexpected journey-A beautiful memory


It’s a day in 2009, in between summer ending and rainy season beginning, with joy of having completed my 10+2 few days back and planning to meet friends from loving home for 2 long years named it as “Jr COLLEGE” ,as well as to collect my certificates.

We all gathered by mid-day at college, spent some time to discuss on what to do in life’s first long vacation. Some will be visiting grandparents while some are involved in Helping parents. Few went on trips with family and friends. Study insects joined for trainings.  My plan is late nights chit chats, watching movies and playing games.

We went to nearby restaurant followed by a movie. We went back to college to get certificates. At last we got certificates and it’s time to say bye for the time and return home. It’s almost 7pm we were in bus stop waiting for bus. They got earliest as our RTC will run many busses between rush routes only.

Finally boarded a bus searching for a seat. Bus is full, but lucky to find a window seat. Other seat became empty as my co-passenger shifted to another bus. Just before the bus start, a voice startled me while I was watching surroundings from window. “Hello, that’s my place. Can u pleasssse???…”A girl in red and black chudidhar, face covered with white scarf.  But i have experienced a small blush from inside as a girl is asking place. I can imagine her face beautiful just by watching her eyes. Those are twice bigger than my eyes but beautiful. I thought to myself, the god who designed her eyes must be a professional. I can get to know she’s having a round face in light brownish color.
She: Hellloo…
Me: Yes, you can sit here. Right ! am not even fat. There is a place for one more person to sit here with me.
She: I actually wanted window seat, sooo…she kept the lips in o shape ,that anybody can understand “soooo” just by seeing the lips shape behind the scarf.
Me: OOOOOK, please. (Took a gasp, making space to allow her get inside not to forget -Sounding exactly like her SOOOOO :p :p :p)
She:  Thank you
Bus started….

Me: (Thinking how to start a talk and tapping my legs on floor and my fingers on the before seat s o as to relieve from anxiety finally shot a question) where are you going?
She: HOME! (Bold a manner what is in it for you? )
Me: acha … where are you coming from?(Not losing hope)
She: from hostel
M: what are you studying
S: Eng 1St yr completedand you?(Just rose her left eyebrow that brought my senses and look back to normal,)
M: (Yess…She finally asked a thing.) Inter. I mean…(Framing words immediately for a proper response) completed just came to collect certificates from college.
S: Oh K . Good

(She said Moving her head to and fro like listening to a song. aaahh Her silver ear rings are moving to and fro that tempt to touch her ear and swing the hair falling down back to her ear and touch the neck to pull the scarf to see the whole face. But I didn’t dare to.)
M: Going alone, I mean parents won’t allow their kids to travel in night. Right???
S: Of course,(Frowning) but am not a Kid anymore. My friend is coming with me.
M: Really! where is she?
S: She’s sitting somewhere that side with her boyfriend.
M: owww…(Changed my modulation from awwww to ook )
S: What’s wrong in that, they are in love from 8 th class, expressed together after SSC.
M: hmm…
S: Is there any constitution where only boys can give privacy to their friends. Ha…??
M: No yaar. Nothing like that.
S: Then What?
M: You are alone and you are thinking about her right now. Why isn’t she doing the same for you?
S: Naah Baba! she knows that I’ll feel happier when I am left alone.
M: Nice rapo yaar!
S: Friend’s ryt… We should do 🙂
M: you don’t have boyfriend. Correct?
S: Not so interested in love, Least i have hope on love.

M: Why you think like that?
S: i am so conditional n limited person.
M: Yup . LIMITED VERSION. (Just giggling). For anyone it will be the same.
S: I feel like it brings a convincing factor in life to any one and most important! I don’t want it to happen in my case.
M: I think you’re not limited person, full matured one you’re…
S:Thank you She smiled at me…and inter completed right, what next???
She asked intentionally, same time…

3 things happened simaltaneously,
I opened chips packet, Driver switched off lights,SHE removed scarf…

I felt like we were in a dark world and where the power cuts happen at mid-night of Amavasya and not even candle is available around…

I prayed like anything to see her face at the time but not even single fellow god listened.

How should i see her face and what is going to happen…? All feelings come together to crash my mind  Happiness/Scare/excitement/silence/hope/horrible/terrible like when rain starts while the weather burning us by the angry mode of sun.

I heard only two sounds n both coming from a same person, karrr karrr sound comes while eating chips n next the voice of beauty sitting side to me… I never concentrated this much even while preparing exams. :PPP

M: you’re from CSE dept?
S: hmmm Zessss, how come you know that?
M: A telling from a friend, Beautiful girls are from CSE dept only. Hence it’s proved 🙂
S: Good! You have immense power of flirting girls. But not so easy with me. ! Smart but not smarter. Go and tell mom horlicks pilaney ..everyday morning!!(.. she juggled for a while i managed to juggle) By the way which branch are you going to join?
M: Have not thought till now. Any suggestions?
S: if you really interested in studies n would like to work hard any dept is fine…We can’t figure out now a days. Sometimes fate matters. Go for civil/mechanical. It will be going to shine in every time….
M: Me and my bunch of friends really wanted to choose civil only as we are dreaming a new world.
S: nice… All the best
M: tq tq 🙂

Some silence before climax…

It’s like some final destination or beginning of world war 4 with 300 soldiers or in a Jurassic park 1, 2, 3… All Hollywood action shoot started in my mind
What to talk/ask next…??

I am from boy’s residential school n college from 5th to now. Boys like me exist to feel shy to talk with girls, to struggle to continue the conversation but never failed to make comfortable from the second time. Happy for that. But, will it happen again.Or.. this last hour journey remains with unclear beauty in mind???

Is this really happening or am I dreaming it..we can’t believe that our men in blue used to play beyond our expectations all the time and it’s my turn to believe thst she’s beyond my expectations…

The things i can observe..she’s not so beautiful, not even good in color but I can feel her simplicity, easiness while talking. Simply she has “love in eyes, Care in words and Life in breath” what else a person can expect even more in better half….

I have SEEN HER….!!! At last

While the gorgeous wishing me to take some water reflection of her smile inter linked with the own lighting of vehicles coming in my opposite direction…
I didn’t get what science exactly describes but now I felt the things which happened in reality unconditionally n unexpectedly science mean it.

We both come out from our thirsty time…

S: Do you drink?
M: yes, you want to? I gave offered bottle to her
S:Arey idiot, i mean beer, BAR…
M: No. BAR is a place it’s not a brand. Okay…
S: ohkie… have you tasted before all those color full liquids?
M: not yet. have you?
S:HA ha twice!! (Her two fingers in V shape and shrugging shoulders)
M: am above the clouds at that moment…but not in shock as I know we are updated version
S: Had a drink in home, like after party-cousins naughty things, you know? When almosyt all are out, there are various drinks left and somehow i managed to taste 2 varieties Almost 10 yrs old..

We can remember few loveliest n realistic things done in childhood right… but nice taste yaaar 😛

M: best times we can feel still are the memories for future too…
S: Many of my school friends started drinking long ago…why didn’t you still?
M: Are you asking me why not ? or forcing me to start drink. Ahhh?
Anyways am not much interested in those things n I don’t even have a failure love story to drink as people think.


S: cool…

(Time arrives) Oh no, mera stop ane vali hai….
I have observed that she’s looking at the guy who sits in corner of my back seat.

I asked, love at first sight???
S: what…??
M: baas. Aisa math dekhna mam… do you like him?
S: no no rey, you know he will replace your place once you get down the bus.
M: what…how can you say??
S: Actually he’s friend of my friend’s boyfriend. My friend called him to give company for me. So, he is waiting to come here since 1 hr…Innocently
M: hmmm, hey bagavan kisi tharah ke log hein is duniya main? (questioned myself)? Sirf
aisa chal raha hai… ..//\…

S: why don’t you come with me till my stage?
M: Did she really wanted me to join her??? (Thinking Inside) but the golden words already released as here
“chooory, I have to go as already my friends waiting for me in coming stop. But thanqqq for the company. Have a safe journey stay happy.”

Finally bus reached my destination we wished together for the best that has to happen.

“Unfortunate, unconditional and unstoppable times will come unexpectedly, get ready to

FACE it…FEEL it…HAVE it…MADE it…LOVE it!!!


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  1. Abbey sale writer eappudu putadu ra neelo ??
    Is that a true story ah ??
    Kirrak Ra nuv asal eadano unndalsindhi …
    Great work done by sharing your memory with us man… Keep it up

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