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chori chori dil ka

Dil Ka CHORI    Engineering college : uff..! Many memories . Lots of stories .. Some are romantic , some

relations very statistic….yes a two year relation, triangle stories , rare but trapezium …and in

final, girl or boy gets married to some other sometimes. This is a story of Sri who is also a


Most of the graduate cases are like , they used to go to library regularly as it is for books .

something else is secondary 😛 One day I went to library with my friends and I saw a girl who's

looking so pretty , good . Want to take a closer look of the beauty, I just moved close to her and

shocked by looking at what she was doing, she's watching Korean serial by keeping a tab in her


On the same day I have seen her at college bus point, I was drunk and sunk with beauty and

her words . Those 15 mins were the most B.E.A.U.T.F.U.L.L IN my life. My next three months

were involved in planning to note down each and every concept of the subject …the girl. First

question is what should i name her(Sri talking to himself) ..ladki! Cutie ! Naaahhhhh ..

beast shit ..salaa dimmag kharab hogaya…iss choir ka naam kya rakhoon?… why not chori. Dil

ka .ha dil ka CHORI.

Next search became not just my questions but quests…to know her interests, hobbies Colors.

Not to forget flowers . just like her thoughts her favourite color is lavender and she is feared of

dogs. Love the technology for a thing . It helped me get her profile and Mobile number too.

Coming day is her birthday, I have forwarded a video clip describing b’day wishes with mixed

feelings of care, love & fun along with some of my beautiful collections of her pictures …her

photos in the rain .It took me a week to plan , and working it , get the results and of course cold

as I was wet in rain taking pic of her. "I felt like it was a b’day week celebrations alone, just like

navarathri celebrations :p no… Atlast I added all the things I know and I realised about her-

#feelings on her".

Dil ka CHORI pyar dega ya dard dega nahi patha ..lekin kuch tho dena padega … (Nobody

knows how a girl reacts …but either positive or negative,response is expected) Just like the

same i expected a single warning for which I have done last few days but she didn’t responded

with a single text. After a week of celebrations, I’ve send a text "Hiii" this time my expectation

comes true :), but this time I got response I expected …no response :P.

Then I stopped sending text n etc. but I followed her in all possible ways to please her .I have

never felt disappointed in my 4 yr.’s of graduation life trying her, just because of my confidence I

got when I saw her on day one. I told to myself 'she can , should , must be mine’ just like pirate

who discovers treasure owns it as whole . Not to forget , I managed to clear all my subjects by

the end of 4 yr.’s of course only some in first attempt.

After result day I was much confused with how to approach the girl or to find a job .Finally,

Realized that "some girls may accept to get engaged to a stranger, but they won't welcome love

into their life" …

Wow, like everyone am going to complete my graduation with many memories like unplanned

bunks from college entrance, planned tours, mostly the days we went to roam in beautiful city

"Hyderabad" for movies, brunches with so many games and supplies too apart from all my

missed love.

After a gap of 3 months, in a mall a girl came to me when I am with friends, she kept a hand

from behind and she is holding like she is a well known friend and asked no , sorry , she

pleased "would you like to have a cup of coffee ? “ Dressed in white like alia bhatt style . I saw

her . She is beautiful. I can't resist but thought a bit oh how beautiful would if my girl asks me

the same . I am thinking, a voice from behind, a simple girl with patiala dress , blue top and

white patiala pant …. With a deep rough and confused question I went to shock . The question

is “ You want a girlfriend, idiot!!!". It was most awaiting voice . It's her my CHORI. In a small

excitement I can't believe that I gave a strong blow on her chubby cheek, she simply went away

from there weeping . All people around me was staring at me . I thought of managing it as a

prank. But unable to try it. Even I did ran away .

My mind is in battle . Now that I am feeling nothing except ‘why did I do and what on earth

make me do that ? "is that the beer I had last night or less sleep. What did I ate ? Is it

indigestion. Shut the f*_&k up . Did I changed myself in 3 months". Oh god ! What happened to

me???” I am crying now.

I got a call from an unknown number on same day, at 9 pm….

Me: hello, in suspicious voice

Girl: Hi…

I disconnected the call, simply I thought the voice I loved trying to scold me.

In the next sec, mobile ringing again this time got a call from customer care. This is the time I

felt like used to throughout my mobile but I can't…It made a strong bond with my love.

Its 10pm on same day, my eyes looking into a dark world where stars are bright but thoughts

darkening them.

Mobile ringing again,

Me: hello (sleepy mode)

Girl: idiot…

Me: what???(Just lost control on myself)

Girl: you don't have a min balance to give a missed call?

Me: I don't like to give missed call miss, I can call 😛 .

Girl: ek bar mirror ke samne jaake dhek

Me: ohh, hello… abhi selfie liya, hero tarakh dikrahan hoon. (This time gaining confidence)

Girl: acha…sirf mai villani hun,heroin nahi 😛 (I know my darling-inside)

Me: woh mujhe patha hein ,girls don't like to believe facts but you’r good you agreed it.

Girl: girls will agree facts but we won't believe at all if boys flirt.

Me: gri8. (Bahuth ho gaya yaar isko- inside )

Girl: I checked everything which you send to me, but why don’t you guys never try to send a pic

of own?

Me: Selfie sent (Pic send cheyamani direct ga adagochuga-inside)

Girl: Who’s this???

Me: Hero, thera nahi :P!!! Why do you girls use celebrity pics in place of DP’s?

Girl: Security n etc…

Me: ahaaa!!!

…(conversation continued)

The girl told me everything that happened to me in last 4 years of my graduation and till the day

she came to me. At last before disconnecting the call she said that she was leaving for US,

don’t want to miss her life with me "I LOVE YOU, on this 23rd birthday of my loving heart, miss

you Sri" and disconnected the call by 12:03am on my birthday. Aah I realised it is my b’ day

and one of the beautiful of all birthdays

I didn't send a single text to her in this gap, I have just completed 25th birthday but I

remembered my love in my every sleep as I dream. She is off to US after two days .

The day came,when I am eager to hold her hand , take her to a ice cream parlour before she

reaches home . I want to tell her something unbelievable and I am in confused state about her

reaction. I went to airport to welcome the most beautiful creation of god on her arrival day with

my marriage invitation card. She was searching everywhere. I am standing in a corner and

watching all her enthusiasm to record it in my mind . She found out reached me saying “

chupachupi bahuth ho gaya” . She hugged me and gave a kiss on my cheeks. I am tensed

instead of feeling high. She caught my expression.

Girl : what is it .?? Why are you so tensed??

Me : I am standing like @ wall without any reaction on my face . Holding my hands behind with

marriage invitation card.

Girl: without any gap she slapped me and went away even without looking the Card.

"Unexpected things happen if you pay no attention and think regarding the situation”

The girls is on her way to home in a cab. Crying all the way. She got surprised by seeing big

frame of wedding invitation welcomes her at home. By the time she's trying to make a call, she

got a call…

Me: idiot, you went away in my vehicle, come back soon. It’s already too late.

Girl: Love you my heart, disconnected call n came back to pick me

I forgot to tell one thing, that I have received unexpected gifts on my every birthday in last 6

yrs. I never tried once to find her because I am busy with the girl who I loves. Common address

on every gift. You think I didn't notice?? Yes that brought all the confidence on earth .

Finally I got married . Now worries witb same girl yaar . I am enjoying with my wife- my life. as

the same even She don’t even know that she was going to marry her love which has been fixed

with me by her parents.

She knows myself before I got to find her but the time is running for both of us together alone.

"Feel happy to face even a difficult situation but never feel bad because every sec carries

something , as something new begins at every sec"

The thing change in my graduation to professional is "More sleep can makes us to feel fresh-

face but more work can make an expert ". I know how many hour's I slept to dream her in 4 yr.'s

n how much I worked to satisfy her parents to get my love.


….The raj …….

( raja reddy)

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