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Hyper Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Hyper Telugu Movie Review and Rating Rating for HYPER : 3.50/5

Released on : 30 Sept 2016

Director : Santosh Srinivas

Producers : Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Anil Sunkara

Music Director : Ghibran

Featuring : Ram, Rashi Khanna

Fiery saint Ram is back on track after the achievement of his previous movie. After a brief crevice, he has now concocted a run of the mill masala performer Hyper. The film which is coordinated by Santosh Srinivas and stars Raashi Khanna has hit the screens today. How about we perceive how it is.

HYPER Review:

Story Line:

Surya(Ram) is a joyful youth who is fixated on his father Narayana Murthy(Satyaraj). This affection for his father lands Surya stuck in an unfortunate situation constantly. Things take an appalling turn when an effective minister(Rao Ramesh) locks horns with his father who is a genuine government officer.

Things get to a point where the clergyman is hellbent on getting a document marked by Surya’s father. As Narayana Murthy stands firm on his qualities and does not sign the document, the clergyman begins focusing on his family. Rest of the story is with reference to how Surya takes things in his grasp and spares his father from this turmoil.

In addition Points:

One of the greatest resources of the film is the engaging portrayal. Credit ought to go to Santosh Srinivas for portraying the story in an extremely intriguing manner. The whole first half has great diversion and the way the contention point is initiated through a turn is great. The social message that is given through the film is great. It has been passed on well by the capable discoursed.

Hyper is a customized film for Ram and he makes a heavenly showing with regards to. Execution savvy, Ram’s vitality levels are splendid and suit the film totally. All his angry scenes with Rao Ramesh are wonderful. The punch discoursed, drama, and strife that is produced through these two characters is really great.

At the end of the day, Rao Ramesh takes this film to another level with his execution. It is his part that creates a great deal of enthusiasm for the group of onlookers. Satyraj is impeccable in his part and conveys profundity to the procedures. Raashi Khanna gives the essential sight to behold to the film through her charm.

Negative Points:

Things get a bit impeded amid the second half as the effective character of Rao Ramesh is made marginally over the top and interesting. Raashi Khanna is no place to be seen with the exception of the melodies.

This film does not have numerous exciting components in the second half as the procedures get unsurprising after a point. The affection track amongst Raashi and Ram does not hold much significance. No less than one melody in the principal half could have been maintained a strategic distance from.

Specialized Aspects:

Creation values by 14 Reels are great as the film has some crisp and rich visuals. Credit ought to go to the cameraman for showcasing Vizag in an unbelievable way. Music by Ghibran is just about alright.

Foundation score by Mani Sharma is underneath normal. A superior score could have hoisted the film considerably more. The screenplay is a colossal resource as the greater part of the film goes through a fascinating string. Going to the chief Santosh Srinivas, he has made a conventional showing with regards to with the film. His written work is creative and the way he showcases the contention point through Satyaraj’s part is great. Had he made certain territories in the second half more tightly, things would have been far and away superior.


All in all, Hyper is an average masala performer which makes them engage minutes. On the off chance that you overlook the slight glitches and unsurprising storyline amid the second half, Hyper compensates for a respectable watch this weekend.

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