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Hyderabadi’s Irani Chai Ki Kahani For Chai Lovers



Hyderabadi’s Irani Chai Ki Kahani For Chai Lovers

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“These are not just brewing up and serving a beverage called Irani chai, but keeping alive a slice of the city’s history.”


There is a remarkable story behind Iranian chai’s origin in Hyderabad. It is said that Persian immigrants came to Mumbai’s port in the last century and before that in search of an improved life and to trade. From Bombay they migrated to Pune and then to Hyderabad. Along with them came the concept of Iranian chai.

“My ancestors came from Yazd in Iran on a ship and reached the port city of Bombay,” says Jaleel Farrokhroz, the proprietor of New Grand Hotel. “From there they moved to Pune, and later set foot in Hyderabad,” he adds. Farrokhroz claims that the New Grand Hotel was the first Irani cafe in the twin cities and was established in 1936.

Opposite to the large white domes Afzalgunj Masijd A little further on, is the New Grand Hotel. Shah Ali Banda in the Old City and the Clock Tower on SD Road in Secunderabad is home to 29 such Irani cafes, all serving their own version of the irani chai.

The  irani chai could begin at the shah Ghouse Restaurant at shaali banda.A Few paces along,near  Mecca Masjid is the Farasha Irani Café, corner of Machili Kaman is the Shahrah Cafe.

There are around 30 Irani cafes in the stretch from Secunderabad’s Sarojini Devi Road to Shah Ali Banda in Old City. The best-known for irani chai – apart from Paradise and Garden CaféFarasha Café and Shah Ghouse Café – are Red Rose, New Grand Hotel and a couple of other chai shops around Charminar namely Sarvi Café at Banjara Hills and Chai Shop in Taj Banjara.
,doing-business-in-india-lara-de-rooij-owner-of-design-firm-lmc-consultants-24-638       “After a long day at work, a cup of Irani chai releases all the stress.”

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