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Janatha Garage Review @ Kachodi

Janatha Garage Review

Director : Koratala Siva

Producer : Naveen Yerneni, Mohan, Y.Ravi Shankar

Music Director :Devi Sri Prasad

Starring : NTR, Samantha, Mohanlal, Nithya Menen

His hattrick hit or not…!?


Satyam(Mohan Lal) continues helping the poor under the name of Janatha Garage. Then again, Anand(NTR) is a nature significant other who goes to any degree to keep the earth.

One fine day, Anand coincidentally gets into a fight with Satyam and his Janatha Gang individuals. Amid this whole scene, Satyam preferences Anand’s genuine approach and demands him to desert everything and go along with him in his battle to spare poor people.

Why did Satyam pick Anand for this occupation ? Will Anand join Janatha Garage ? That structures whatever remains of the story…

Kachodi Rating for Janatha Garage : 3.25/5

Response through Twitter:

  1. looks to be a socially responsible filmmaker and he seems to know his target audience very well.

  2. has dealt with 3 different topics in the 3 films that he has made with very little resemblance to each other.

  3. 1st Half: A powerful tale of preserving Mother Nature and family emotions.. Both and are at their best..

  4. The combination of mohanlal garu and tarak, the subtle intensity betwen them is the best thing i liked about . It is a joy to

  5. seems to have struck a chord with the general public in AP and TG..It’s also getting a good talk from USA

  6. . ‘s premieres actual polled $409K from 119 centers.

  7. is off to flying start in USA.$523k (144 locations) at 11PMPST, as local theaters yet to report, going to be non BB record ??

  8. Hearing superb reports all over. Thank u all for the feedback and wishes. Pls go watch in theatres.

  9. Performance of Tarak after Knowing about His Father’s family is simply superb 👏🏻👏🏻 in .

  10. : NTR’s performance, Mohanlal’s charismatic presence & GHMC episode are the saving grace of this movie that has clichéd scenes

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