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Mouth Watering Delicious kakinada kaja Review @


Mouth Watering Kakinada Kaja

Kakinada kaja ,its not a name its a brand.Yes,Kakinada is famous for kaja sweet.As most of the people feel kaja is something that will be like a band rolled into elliptical shape.But Kakinada Kaja was alike ,its like a cylinder,referred as Gottam kaja.Its looks hard out side but will be very juicy inside.It melts in your mouth soon you bite it.Believe me,you will be fan once you taste it.It is made up of Wheat floor,Ghee,sugar and mava.kakinada kaja

Similar to Paan and Biriyani,Kaja was introduced to Andhra by muslim Kings. It was emerged from Uzbekisthan and travelled to India through Nizams.The name KHAJA is an arabic word that means PURE.They are available even in Rajgir,Patna and few other cities in India.

On the Other hand madata kajas are also available but they are folded into oval shape and looks like folded pastry,it will look juice from outside but,it gets dried too fast if left open.In kakinada we can see a lot of shops selling kajas,but Kotayya kaja is famous and sells pure kajas. Even there are lots of Shops named Kotayya kaja,the shop near bala cheruvu is the main branch and is serving the city with from a long time.

What they Say is “We take care of the fact that customer satisfaction is very important. Treating every individual customer as a very special and meeting their requirements to the best possible satisfaction is the motto of this generation. We will carry forward the goodwill of Kotaiah’s Sweets further following the footsteps of our elders and constantly improvising the service, quality and taste of our products.”


Shri Chittipeddi Kotaiah Garu, hails from Chinaparimi village, Tenali, Guntur District. In 1891 he came to kakinada and started Kotaiah Sweets & continuing the 5th generation. Kotaiah Sweets speciality is Kotaiah Kaja, it is worldwide famous, people always remember Kotaiah kaja when they think about Kakinada or East Godavari district. Kotaiah kaja is also called as Kakinada kaja. With the rich experience of our five generations, we offer the cleanest and best quality products produced using the most modern technology to suits the contemporary taste.

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