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Nihal’s First Kiss

part 2

]part 2

Nahida: don’t confuse me Nihal am just a friend to you.And don’t extend our relationship more than that.

Nihal: iam not confusing you Nahida .I am just helping you to find your invisible  love on me….

Nahida: stop all this Nihal…. I am your friend and you’re my friend nothing more than that.

It’s getting late, I have to attend my lectures tomorrow Good bye…..



                                                              PART – III

                                                      Nihal’s First Kiss

One month later…..

Nihal was feeling tensed,his hands are full of sweat and were shivering. He entered into the examination hall, his mind is fluctuating between fear and confidence. He is stepping into a place which could take him towards his dream. He is going to strive his success to fulfil his dream.

He took a deep breath and occupied his seat ” Yes , it was a CAT exam, his dream is to get placed into IIM Banglore”. The class was filled except  the seat beside Nihal. He had a glance at the roll number which is written on that seat. The Invigilator started taking attendance, before calling Nihal’s name he heard a husky voice , “May I come in Sir”. Her pumping breath tells that she ran to reach the examination hall. Everybody was staring at her “yes, she looks hot in her short sleeves, mercury red hair, which is crashing over her shoulders, melon sweet lips with her bubbly outlook, her sharp eyes were searching for her seat.” He raised his hand and showed her seat. She followed his hand, occupied her seat and thanked him. She looks awesome when she expands her lips, expose her teeth to say thank you. He felt ” Is she really from earth or from Heaven “.The Invigilator distributed the question paper. Nihal was busy in the Exam. Soon the bell rang and Nihal was a bit happy, he was confident about the exam. He saw the girl who sat beside him. He wanted to talk to her “Who doesn’t want to talk with a hottie ” He don’t know how to initiate a conversation with her. He started observing the environment around him. Everyone was trying their level best to get an attention from her, but she didn’t care any of them. She took her bag from her the locker. She took her keys out of a bag and the key chain has four circles attached to each other announcing that it was an AUDI. His eyes popped out “Man!! She is not of our range now shut your xxxx and do your work” suddenly that husky voice Greeted  him ” Hai ”

She:Thanks dude

He: It’s OK ,how was your exam?

She:Not Bad.And yours?

He:Ha Ha, what to say everything is a fluke.The paper was easy right! By the way, this is Nihal.

She: This is Diya.

Wow her hands are soo smooth and her expensive nail polish makes her fingers look more beautiful. She offered him ride. This is the first time he was closely looking at an Audi.She opened the door gestured him to get in. His jaw was almost dropped 1 inch down

Nihal: Is this your car?

Diya: Yep ,this is a birthday gift from my dad. Looks good na!This is my baby loved it.

She kissed the steering

Nihal:Yeah your baby is awesome.

Soon they reached his home, he got down and said bye.

Nihal is getting calls from his friends regarding the exam everybody is confident on him. Subha called him and inquired him about the exam. Nihal didn’t answer, but started asking about Nahida. Subha replied the same “I don’t have any clue Nihal. If I had I would have informed you before” . He desolately dropped the call. He browsed her FB profile, the last update was a month ago. There is no hint to find Nahida.

A few days later the results are out and he  got qualified and was placed into IIM Banglore. The day has come. On the date of joining… He reached the orientation class it was full crowded soon the projector was on. And the names of the students were displayed against their Branches. He found the name Nahida he was shocked and was searching for her in the hall. But he couldn’t find her. Next day in his class during the interaction everybody was introducing themselves he heard a name Nahida, he was desperate and was looking for her. She isn’t his Nahida, she was from another state. He noticed a girl with mercury red hair behind Nahida. She is none other than Diya. He smiled at her and  she was already looking at him and waved her hand and he responded back. Interaction session was complete and he met Diya in Cafeteria.They shook hands and exchanged their pleasantries.

They Became close within a few days they used to hang out during weekends. As Diya is weak in some subjects Nihal used to help her to overcome as she doesn’t have any interest to learn more subject  but she enjoys his company other than anything this makes Diya listen to boring MBA subjects .

Nihal used to stay in hostel  because to stay out in Bangalore his pocket won’t support him, in the hostel he can survey with little about so he choose hostel. Sometimes he was not able to pay that hostel fee in time, at that time Diya helped him to pay the fee. He used to return the money when he has.

When there are exams or any presentations, Nihal used to stay back late nights in Diya’s apartment some time he used to stay back till the morning and moved to hostel this makes Diya not feeling lonely in the big apartment and she really enjoys his company apart from the study. Days are running very fast semester exams came. Diya asked Nihal to stay  in her apartment for the entire sem, so he can help her out from the semester hurdle.her intention is to stay with him 24/7 she doesn’t want to spend a single second without him,but if she reveals  that she knew he won’t accept that.

At the end of the exams Nihal hostel room became empty .His luggage unknowingly shifted  to Diya’s apartment . Nihal became a guest to the hostel.

They both went out for to burn out the stress from the last 1month.

Diya: Yarr why don’t you stay in my apartment …

Nihal: I am doing that rit…

Diya: Not like that re…why you’re wasting money in hostel ..Anyway ,you are comfortable to stay in my apartment…and I am alone in that big apartment it would be helpful to me as well if you shift to my can save money at the time.

What you say.

Nihal:  It sounds good ..but……………….

Diya : why are you thinking so much……seems like you’re, not comfortable in my company…

k.. no issues its your call…now (with a mood of a face)

Nihal: Arre not like that rey .  I am comfortable ,but… I can’t afford that much rent ..That’s what I am thinking about.

Diya: Chill re…. Don’t bother about that I will take care of that…

Bring the rest of your  luggage from the hostel … You can take my car to shift luggage.

She doesn’t give a single second for Nihal to think… In a confusion he says yes for everything that Diya says.

The second semester begins with a living together…..

Diya is on cloud 9 with Nihal presence…

Nihal feels more comfortable in her apartment

They both became so close , they fight, they share their emotions .the relationship extended one level…Between them.Diya was happy, what’s going in her life…she wants that in her entire life…she is waiting to express her love to Nihal.

Nihal shares every of his life movement with Subha… As the world knows girls can’t hold the sensitive matters within them.all these matters were reached to Nahida…

Subha came with a good news  for Nihal …. Regarding  Nahida….

Nihal was on cloud9 when he heard about that.Subha told  that she went to Dubai for his father’s treatment .On that day after your chat conversation her father became sick its  became a serious issue .They immediately went to of her family doctor referred them to go for the best treatment. In a hurry she forgot to take her mobile with her at that time. Two days back she came to India and she informs all this to me…

Nihal: Can I contact now.. (With so much of excitement)

Yes, you can …and this is her new number……

He is quite excited to call her…

But he wants to give a surprise on her birthday, which is coming within 1week . With his presence and he started making her gift.. Which will tell all his love for her

He started writing the reasons why he loves her… With 1001 reasons ..He started making  a heart shape 3 inch 1001 greetings  to write each reason in one of the cards…

Diya came out from outside and see the messy room which is filled with colorful paper cuttings “page what are you doing”yeah, he, hi Diya I have a very good news to share with you…

He shares the good news with Diya….she was jealous …She is about to cry …She started thinking ,She is losing him…She doesn’t want that to  happen….

She started expressing his feeling towards him…Nihal got shell shocked when she is  explaining all her love…Nihil trying to convince her…but he failed

She hugged tightly and crying loudly saying I love you Nihal…

Nihal  mind got stuck and he not able to resist anything that’s going on at present …

Nihal is trying to remove her hands ,which  tightly hugged around his waist ….Its symbol of rejection .She is not able to take that …Suddenly she started kissing him, their both breaths were strucked. That was Nihal’s First Kiss , unfortunately  he loved that. Slowly he started enjoying his first kiss .Suddenly he remembers Nahida..he pushed Diya forcibly..and moved out of the room….with his half done, greetings.His intention is not to hurt Diya but he loves Nahida more…

He stated to Nahida with his half done completed gift


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