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Things You Need To know About Rajinikanth Sir


Things You Need To know About Rajinikanth Sir

blood stone

Rajinikanth a world famous celebrity,SUPER STAR ,Thalaiva…. Some interesting things about rajinikanth..

1)Rajinikanth has acted in 6 languages ,telugu,tamil,kannada,malayalam,hindi,english.

2)He acted as an Indian taxi driver in the film “Blood Stone” an american film in 1988.

3)Rajini is the first Indian actor to act in four formats

black and white



motion capture

4)Robo Movie was given as a case study to IIM Ahmedabad Students for analyzing movie business.

5)Lesson on Rajinikanth is named in CBSE syllabus text book.

6) Rajinikanth  supported the DMK and TMC alliance and asked the people of Tamil Nadu and his fans to vote for that alliance. This alliance had a complete victory in 1996. Rajinikanth also supported the DMK-TMC alliance in the parliamentary election held the same year.Later in 2004, Rajinikanth said he would personally vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) but would not extend his support to any front during the upcoming Indian general election. The party however failed to win any seats in Tamil Nadu in the Lok Sabha.


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