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The girl from my school is my dream girl, Love Story

The girl from my school is my dream girl


  The girl from my school  is my dream girl



The girl from my school is my dream girl

Journey is about two school friends turned lovers. Gang of 5 people from vizag, Wajid, rohith, lalitha & arjun and pavani. They all are settled now in different places.   Everyone has completed their graduation. Wajid and rohith were placed in MNC’s in Hyderabad. So Arjun , who is in search of job came to Hyderabad is staying at Wajid’s place.

First had a hyd biryani second is the Sweet pan …third is again what to do, Arjun is struggling to start the search. One fine evening, while roaming on roads with his friends Wajid, rohith & 2 others, everyone heard rock music from a nearby building, an engineering college fest. Allas…every one shouted Except Arjun , automatically steps turned towards the fest.

The entrance of the college is very warm welcoming with Half saress and western outfits, memorising their college fest. The walking pace increased, by the time they realised where Wajid is , found out Wajid is with his girl and moving away. “Wajid made them strawberries”. As Wajid will not return soon , friends started enjoying the eye feast and roaming here and there took their seats in auditorium .There was of lot of Noise ,not caring what the anchor said…..all of a sudden they heard a sweet voice singing “Kyun ki tum hi ho ,ab tum hi ho ,meri aashique ab tum hi hoo”the auditorium  became silent and started syncing with the song. Arjun glansed at her but he can’t see her face because of the dim light. The Flood lights focussed  her and the smoke effect started all of a sudden something flashed in arjun’s mind ,her face seemed familiar to him, PAVANI he questioned himself. Lot of memories chirping through his mind, he is going back to his past –10 years back .

It was Dussehra and raining.. Everyone bounded to their homes enjoying the festive season with specially made foods . Arjun skipped out of home to meet friends Rohith busy in a movie plan with family, wajid sincerely studying for upcoming exams, lalitha  flew away to their grandparents home…left no choice but pavani. Arjun destination is pavani’s home now. A sudden aroma of lavender at entrance, a thin strature sat in sofa ‘music teacher’ writing the notes for memorising to the student an student is none other than Bob hair Pavani , is now looking stunning ,sitting and practising Ragas.She looks amazing with Jada vankeeelu , Pattu langa voni . oh god!.She is singing … looking spellbound…   from that day started whatever the weather … arjun goes however to pavani’s  home to say something even there is nothing.

One day Pavani is in the middle of her class, her mother called Arjun and asked him to sit, Pavani finished her class and started chit chatting . In between she said that her father got  transferred to Hyderabad. Now communication is over as they are far.

Arjun came to sense when crowd applauded. Wajid is back to introduce his girlfriend. “Hi !!!”  Arjun greeted her . Arjun asked Wajid after a short chit chat  “Is she Pavani???” .”Our school Pavani ?” Wajid exclaimed .”Even I doubt the same,should meet her and confirm” . “Lets go then “said wajid’s girlfriend and they took some pace toward the Makeup room.

There she is Arjun shouted to Wajid in exagaration . Wow the


…..FELT IN THE MOUNTAINS SURROUNDED WITH MIST  “   Words came out of Arjun’s mouth .

Arjun is now infront of  Beauty he is searching for  and without any hesitation ” pavani from St Theresa ? 5 the grade “ she widened eyes , combing the front hair punk into ear ,  now it’s arjun inner voice “oh god I should watch that ear ring and twinkled eye blink“ .. she said how do you know that ? (Arjun inside)That’s it ….i have got positive results for search. Arjun found his school mate pavani …she twinkled her eyes and said oh my god…are you Arjun?…. that’s it I felt enough for my life ..thought arjun …now someone called her and now she has to go …she ran and came back again to say good bye ….she wrote the number and saying good bye …call me …. keeping the hands in phone symbol. Arjun is thinking whether to call Pavani or not, he gets a message from unknown number saying “Hi Arjun”. He calls back to new number hoping it is pavani and a sweet voice answered call saying that its pavani. He started showering questions on her,”Hold On Boss” she said ,Wajid gave your number she said.”Did I disturb you ?” Thats It their conversation restored from their childhood and continued till 1’O Clock night.

Next morning their chat started

Arjun: Good Morning!!

Pavani : Gud Mrng

Arjun: What are u dng?

Pavani :Getting ready for college.

Arjun: msg me when u r free .I vl call.

Pavani: K.Will msg u once I return frm college.

Arjun : K bye!!!

Later that evening ,Arjun was waiting for Pavani’s message from 5pm.Its 9pm but pavani didn’t show up. Later he received her message at 10 saying “Remember me????”. Arjun asks, why she was late ?

Pavani: “Sorry boss ..due to my project work I stayed in the college till 8pm.Just came home and called u after finishing dinner.Had urs?”.

Arjun: ” you are talking as if you are the one only doing an academic project “.

Pavani:  “leave it .Did you cover all of Hyderabad?”.

Arjun : yes Almost!!

Pavani :What did u cover??

Arjun: Paradise,Bawarchi,Shahghouse,Cafe Bahar,Pista House etc etc..

Pavani  started laughing and said “Chal hat Saale .hyderabad mein to thu bas khaney key jagah bolrahehey  tu ”.Aur bahuth kuch hai na dekh ney keliye.

Arjun:So you know hyd verywell.

Pavani: No,I don’t know very well but i am planning to roam this weekend will you join me?

Arjun: Ofcourse.So we will be meeting Sunday morning by 8am at Cyber Towers.

Pavani :Ok deal.

The first meet on Sunday they headed for charminar the journey took almost two hours and the travelling was unpleasant due to hyderabadi traffic. They didn’t find  any chance to talk each other in bus. Later on they visited charminar and jamia masjid  and salarjung  museum ,in the mean while they completed their lunch and returned back in the evng. So the trip didn’t seem to be pleasant  and they were too tired to enjoy each other’s company.

The coming week pavani was busy with project and Arjun also busy with his personal works but they still in touch after dinner nights.

Coming Sunday was wajid’s birthday, So arjun asked pavani to accompany him for selecting a Gift for wajid. They went to Archies on Friday evening they saw a love board where they can arrange a love quote from the given letters. Arjun  went there arranged a quote saying ”EVERY MOMENT IS SPENT WITH YOU IS LIKE A BEAUTIFUL DREAM COME TRUE ”, Pavani was watching arjun all the time when  he was arranging.Once completed he called pavani and asked her opinion about the love board.

“hmmm seems good but thats not a birthday gift try gifting this to ur girlfriend”…

Arjun laughed in himself and they selected a different  gift for wajid.While arjun was paying th ebill pavani went back to the board and added two words “ME TOO” at the end of the board and smiled . While watching the quote this was observed by arjun and he is blushing.A arjun is blushing and trying to hide it while conversation with shopkeeper. violen started playing around him in the mean time Pavani took  back the “ME TOO” words and walk back to arjun and Arjun was totally blank and don’t know whats going on .With that confusion he paid the bill and out of shop.

His Birthday party was arranged in a hotel all the guests who were his friends including his girlfriend attended his party.They planned cake cutting on which it is witten like “with Love to wajid”  and that went pretty good .Wajid offered first piece to his girlfriend after that every one shared pieces in the mean time arjun offered a piece of cake to pavani on which a single word love is written on it .Pavani saw it and ate it with out asking any questions.Arjun was confused whether she noticed or not.Later on after  the party arjun offered pavani a ride to her home pavani accepted and sat on his bike, and the their conversation as follows

Arjun : You know what Iam feeling proud at this moment

Pavani: Y so?

Arjun:Once i used to feel jealous looking at couple going on a bike.

Pavani:But we are not couple right?we are just friends.

Arjun:Ofcourse we are friends,But i love it when a girl i love the most is sitting behind me and her breathe touching my neck,her hair  disturbing my eyes,and the only thing i hear is her words.

Pavani:Are you  in love with some one?

Arjun:No .No

Pavani:Stop Stop we are just crossing my home

“arjun stopped the bike and she got down , before her second step he held her hand she turned towards him and tried to free her hand but he holded mor tightly “IS THIS A PUNISHMENT TO ME” said pavani.Shocked arjun frees her hand and left the place immediately.

Three days after that night

Pavani called arjun

Pavani:hai wt are u doing

Arjun:nothing much

Pavani:are you free this weekend

Arjun: iam not sure may or may not be

Pavani:shall we meet on Sunday

Arjun:i don’t think so

Pavani :OK no issue call me when u r free ineed to talk to u.


Next day arjun calls pavani and ask her whats the matter.She ask arjun to come to Rock garden .the real story started here . it‘s time to leave from the place. All  left except arjun and pavani…arjun after a short smile peeping into phone said I have to leave …pavani said Okay. Arjun was watching with a smile and twinkling in the eyes  …aaa what …how can’t I say that I am into you completely you are a queen and I am your slave ….done …pavani turned back like someone is calling her….arjun frowned and raising eyebrows asking whatt? Pavani said no and went away … even pavani was thinking what she asked …are we friends….  After a day …arjun  got a message idiot ….idiot…..idiotttt i DIOT . ..  arjun didn’t get it first and replies back “what ?”  Pavani msgs arjun if at all free , meet me , even if you’r busy , meet me … Arjun immediately took wajid bike and started . Pavani  and Arjun reached a hill area. Arjun is throwing stones into the empty place. Pavani turned to Arjun and started hitting arjun saying idiot …such an idiot how can you do this to me ?? Arjun has no idea what’s going on  ….Pavani said “such a coward !!!! ” Arjun started to sense something but mixed feeling of happy and sad ….she asked ” do you have kercheif? ” Arjun said no she took her  kissed it and place it on the floor where they are standing…sorry to hurt your knee …..and when she started talking tears started rolling down her cheek. Arjun in mind was thinking like “oh shit! What and how on earth did I hurt her . I don’t understand. Oh god shower me the idea how to stop the tears. I will break 108 coconuts in your temple. ” And cursing himself about what has he done and which situation did this to her?…  Pavani shouted “you know that you should have told me a thousand times the same words now you are about to tell me ?” In a deep confusion arjun kept expression” what? In the world did I do ? “…In The middle of the thought pavani slapped arjun….now arjun is in real danger trying to understand the situation and holding his hand on cheek where pavani slapped.. Pavani said show me your hands …arjun showed them … pavani took the ring from arjun finger …asked him to hold with forefinger and thumb kneel down on the kercheif and demanded to say the words …. and now pavani insisted …. Arjun is feeling like heaven and he is in cloud nine… tell me those three words …pavani struggling to stop the tears , and breajing the words in the process of stopping tears. Arjun knelt down exactly in proposing position, held the ring in waist height and said the three words “”” I ……iiiii . ……. mere chai Paisey…..””” pavani exclaimed “what ???”.  Arjun said mere chai ke Paisley… forgot to pay the chai bill  yesterday ….Pavani became furious and jumped on to arjun to kick his ass.. but arjun hold her like a big flower with soft touch and said will you marry me?? …Pavani is still crying said a scary thing now …on one condition….e even you should accept me even I have aids ….its arjun turn to get shocked. His face became pale tears started rolling dow. arjun shouted whatt?? Pavani said with a short sweet most naughty smile …you think only you can joke at these times? Both broke into a big laugh. They kissed ..a deep one…hold hand in hand walking back to their homes.

Pavani : I thought you would say I love you but you suddenly said will you marry me. I got something extra than what I want ..thank you

Arjun : You are also not less ! Daradhi….

————THE END————

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